Honhao Techtextile Co., Ltd.

We are functional knit supplier highly committed to improving  sportswear material to enhance wearer experience of people practice yoga, training, outdoor and daily commute. For this, we promise to bring out every product with a purpose. 

We work closely together with yarn manufacturers and integrate weaving, dyeing and finishing mills to design and produce.  We only work with the most experienced mills in Taiwan and since 2018 we start to cooperate with innovative mills in southern China. 

With about 15 years experience of working with sports industry, we put emphasis on providing in-time service, fast lead-time and competitive price.  


The founder and RD team of Honhao have been in knit especially sportswear industry for more than 25 years. Honhoa team is not only technology driven but also put quality control and lab test in the first place.